Super Smoothie Sampler

A Three Ounce Sample of our Awesome Super-Fruit Smoothie Powder Mix is ready for You!

EXPERIENCE a TRUE TASTE SENSATION that will provide you a Natural Energy Boost that you can FEEL. Zeta Wize Super-Smoothie Mix is Like No Other Product on the planet.  Prove it for YourSelf!

 What makes this Smoothie Mix so Super?  It's the combination of Super-Fruits and Herbals!  ZetaWize Naturals Super-Fruit Smoothie uses concentrated whole fruit powders that are known for helping your body do great things.  No other product gives you such a mix of Acai berry, Blue berry, Borojo, Banana, Cacao healthy chocolate, Goji Berry, Ginseng, Maqui Berry and More in a tasty Good4U specialty mix.  Our Super-Fruit Smoothie Mix makes a great base to ENRICH any smoothie recipe or use it exclusively.  Toss in a few pieces of organic fruit/juice, add organic chocolate soy/almond milk, crushed ice, blend and ENJOY A WORLD CLASS SMOOTHIE TODAY!! 

Super-Fruit Smoothie Powder Sampler
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