Hemp Seed 50% Protein Powder

Hemp Seed Powder is among the most concentrated protein sources of all the plant foods.  It is a complete protein source offering all the essential amino acids.  Great Nutty taste goes well in Smoothies, Snack making and bakery usages.



  • Our Hemp Protein is 50% protein and Organic. Hemp powder provides a good source of iron, magnesium, folate, B vitamins, dietary fiber as well as being high in protein.

  • Hemp protein is a source of arginine and lysine, which play a key role in stimulating the release of hormones that promote muscle formation.

  • It is low in fat, low in cholesterol and low in carbohydrates which help build muscles without gaining weight from fat.

  • Rich source of Omegas

  • Ideal Plant based Protein Alternative for Vegans and Health Navens wanting a non-GMO, naturally lactose and gluten free product.
Hemp Seed 50% Protein Powder
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