Green Bentonite Clay

ZetaWize Green Calcium Clay is a pure Bentonite clay that is mined from deep within the earth being formed from remnants of weathered volcanic ash and water. Our fine particle powder Bentonite Green Clay has a strong negative charge that acts as a bio-magnet in and on our bodies making it a GREAT DETOX Supplement.  Once mixed with water, it actively attracts metals and toxins to it providing a natural cleansing effect by bonding to potentially harmful elements.  Green Clay also offers a wide spectrum of micro-elements and has an balancing charge affect on the body with it’s high Alkaline pH factors.

Bentonite Clay Key Benefit Potentials:

  • > Help Balance Body pH levels
  • > Abet the Detoxification of Body from harmful chemicals
  • > Neutralizes Bacteria
  • > Reduce Radiation
  • > Remove heavy metals
  • > Strengthen Immune system
  • > Purify Your Blood
  • > Removes toxins
  • > Heals Ulcers and Wounds
  • > Help Dissolve tumors & Mineralize your Body

According to Homeopath Practitioner Ran Knishinsky people have reported improved intestinal regularity, relief from chronic constipation, diarrhea, indigestion and ulcers; higher physical energy levels, clearer complexion, brighter-whiter eyes, enhanced alertness; emotional uplift; improved tissue and gum repair and increased resistance to infections.  Dr. Robert O. Young believes that an High Alkaline Diet can have a very positive impact on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Our Green Clay has an 9.7 pH rating when injested regularly can serve as an great alkaline solution.

Benefits also backed by hundreds of research papers and clinical usage around the world based upon 2 to 4 weeks usage of liquid clay*.  Suitable for both internal and external use.  Comes in 20 ounce Bonus size (1.25 LB) plastic jar.

TRUELY AN ECONOMICAL, EFFECTIVE and EASY to USE Detoxication-Alkaline Supplement for You to Explore!


*FDA has not evaluated any statements on Clay.  Supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Green Bentonite Clay
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