Awesome Super Smoothie Mix

Suppose you could travel the world, select the most naturally fortified enriched fruits, put them together and create a tasty drink that invigorates your very being each day. That drink would be High in Probotics, a great immunity enhancer, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, anthocyanins, fiber and micronutrients. That drink is now within your Reach with Zeta Wize Super-Smoothie Fruit Powder Mix! Made from rare Super-Fruit Ingredients from around the world like: Acai Borojo CaCao Gogi Berry Maqui Berry And more. Over a dozen all natural powders and other native fruits made into a proprietary blend that tastes great!! EXPERIENCE a TRUE TASTE SENSATION that will provide you a Natural Energy Boost that you can FEEL. Zeta Wize Super-Smoothie Mix is Like No Other Product on the planet. Individuals who drink this product quickly notice the Super-Fruit “Effect” on their person. You can FEEL THE DIFFERENCE even in the mix weight because it is DENSE TO LAST!! So Be SMART! A Zeta Wize All Natural Super-Smoothie with no sugar added coupled with balanced diet and exercise is the WISE way to a healthy lifestyle. Comes in One Pound Sealed Plastic Jar.  GREAT For Supplementing Diet with vitamins, minerals, fiber and protective phytochemicals ALL Natural with NO SUGAR ADDED.

ZetaWize Super Smoothie Mix
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