CaCao Dark Healthy Chocolate Powder 85% One Pounder

CaCao is the Healthy Chocolate powder that is actually good for you. Researchers have discovered that Drinking cocoa can increase, blood flow to the heart, the brain, and other organs. A cup of cacao has flavonoids and antioxidants that exceed those found in a glass of wine or cup of green tea. Besides the medicinal benefits, our 100% Vegan CaCao is delivered in a proprietary blend that contains 85% cacao solids with 15% favor enhancers (organic cane juice, cinnamon, bourbon vanilla and stevia) that is consistent with researchers maximum benefit (85% cacao) coupled with natural favor enhancers known for their health benefits (no calories, super low glycemic index, etc.) giving it marks on the ORAC scale which is out of sight to common chocolates! Experience the rich chocolate favor of Healthy Chocolate without the guilt Today! Ships in One Pound plastic sealed container.

Cacao Healthy Chocolate with 85% solids
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